About Us



ROCKA Homes & Villas is commited to help make our nation a better place to live in by building communities in the various towns of Bulacan.


ROCKA Homes & Villas envisions itself to be the most preferred real estate development company in Bulacan.


ROCKA Homes and Villas, one of the esteemed pioneers of real estate development in all of Bulacan, takes pride and pleasure in being the life
community of over 5,000 Filipinos in over hundreds of hectares in subdivisions. It is also home to business associates,
real estate professionals and affiliate professionals who vow to promote the real estate market, to fuel economic activity and to add to government
income from real-property-based transactions – and make the nation a better place to live in.

Established in 1990, ROCKA Homes and Villas is a  growing team in both number and energy with
the dream of providing the best for all stakeholders that become true with results that are inspired
by a tradition of integrity and continuing excellence.